Alon Grinberg Dana

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Postdoctoral Associate



Alon Grinberg Dana received both his BSc in Biochemical Engineering (2010) and PhD in Energy Engineering (2015) from the Technion – Israel Institute of technology.

During his PhD he worked on alternative low-carbon fuels at the Ed Satell Nitrogen-Based Fuels Laboratory at the Grand Technion Energy Program. He took part in initiating the nitrogen-based fuels project, aiming to provide a means for chemical storage of renewable hydrogen via abundant atmospheric nitrogen as the carrier. He studied the high pressure continuous combustion and thermal analysis of a model nitrogen-based fuel, and was involved in catalysis, simulation, ignition, corrosion, and safety studies of the fuels.

He is currently a post-doctorate researcher at Prof. Green’s group. His research is focused on enhancing the RMG software developed by the group with nitrogen and sulfur chemistries. This is applied in various systems such as drug oxidation in liquid phase, NOx formation in combustion, SOx/NOx effects during oxy-fuel combustion, as well as monopropellant decomposition such as hydrazine.