Colin Grambow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Graduate Student



I grew up in Munich, Germany. After having graduated from high school there, I decided to make the transition to North America and enroll in the Chemical Engineering department at McGill University in Montréal, Canada, from which I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering.

In the summer after my second year, I interned at Lanxess near Cologne, Germany, where I developed materials based on a fiber-reinforced in situ polymerization reaction. During the rest of my time at McGill, I worked on a couple different research projects, most of which were experimental in nature. First, I briefly delved into a project on block copolymers. In the following summer, I developed superhydrophobic surfaces using a femtosecond laser. In my final year, I investigated the interactions of nanoparticles with supported lipid bilayers.

I joined the department of Chemical Engineering at MIT in 2015, where I decided to pursue a newfound interest in the realm of computational chemical engineering. I am now working on developing a procedure to automatically discover new and important chemical reactions.

Other than spending my time in the office, I frequently play piano and guitar, and I enjoy skiing.