Colin Grambow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Graduate Student



I grew up in Munich, Germany. After having graduated from high school there, I decided to make the transition to North America and enroll in the Chemical Engineering department at McGill University in Montréal, from which I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering.

In undergrad, I explored a variety of different research areas. I had two different projects involving polymers, a summer undergraduate research project where I developed superhydrophobic surfaces using a femtosecond laser, and a biologically-inspired project with the goal of investigating the interaction of nanoparticles with lipid bilayers.

After joining the department of Chemical Engineering at MIT in 2015, I completely switched focus and am now developing novel methods for the automated discovery of chemical reactions. I have investigated potential energy surface exploration methods, created machine learning models for molecular property prediction, and am developing a machine learning model to improve reaction discovery by estimating properties of reactions.

Other than spending my time in the office, I enjoy cooking, piano, guitar, and skiing.