Lisa Hsieh

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Graduate Student



I am from Taiwan, an island with limited natural resources, yet our citizens developed a thriving advanced technology and manufacturing empire due to the ingenuity and determination. In my sophomore year as an undergraduate student at National Taiwan University (NTU), I sought a double major through the Department of Finance besides Chemical Engineering. This not only fortified my quantitative analysis skills but also enhanced my problem-solving abilities.

Apart from academics, my friends and I established the first independently operated student organization dedicated to building interest in Taiwan’s consulting industry. The NTU Consulting Club was intended to bridge classroom concepts with the practical business world, to cultivate young innovative minds for the challenges in our ever-changing job market. We gained exposure to the industry by collaborating with top consulting firms including McKinsey, BCG, NRI, APT and others. As one of the co-founders and the director of administration and finance, this endeavor strengthened my skills in teamwork, communication and leadership.

After graduating from NTU, I interned for BASF Taiwan Ltd. in the Market Development Department for one year. One of my projects compiled energy consumption data and sought sources of energy waste in the construction and transportation industry. I then offered recommendations for conservation improvement to the Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) Committee, under the guidance of the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) for National Energy Meeting. My experiences at BASF fortified my desire to probe into the field of energy and environmental engineering.

My interest in energy and business drove me to join the Professor Green’s group at MIT, and the project I involve is a study to identify how the developments in vehicles, fuels, technology, consumer preference, and policy will collide to drive changes in future mobility.