Matthew Prendergast

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Postdoctoral Associate



Matthew Prendergast  received BSc majoring in Chemistry (Honours Class I) and PhD in Physical Chemistry from University of Wollongong (Australia).

The focus of their doctoral research was the gas-phase reactions of aryl radicals relevant to combustion and analogous distonic aryl radical cation reactions. Experiments with neutral aryl radicals utilized VUV synchrotron-based photoionisation mass spectrometry at the Advanced Light Source (CA, USA) in collaboration with scientists from Sandia National Labs and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Distonic radical cations were investigated at the University of Wollongong with a ion-trap mass spectrometer modified for photolysis experiments and gas-phase reactions with doped He gas mixtures. Quantum chemical calculations were conducted to help rationalize the experiments conducted at both the Advanced Light Source and University of Wollongong.

Matthew joined the Green group in Fall 2019 and is working in various aspects, including: Laser-based experiments, Quantum chemical calculations, RMG, and Techno-Economics.