Shuxin Chen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Undergraduate Researcher



I was born and raised with my older sister in Greensboro, North Carolina by my immigrant parents. Throughout my childhood, I balanced my academics with working at my parents' restaurant, exposing and introducing me to a variety of worlds. Upon entering high school, I dabbled into Quiz Bowl and competition math while swimming as a sport. I eventually relocated to Durham, North Carolina in my junior year of high school to attend the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. During my time there, I developed my interest in chemistry and fortunately received the opportunity to work under Dr. Rafael Trevisan in the Di Giulio Lab at Duke University, with our project focusing on the ecotoxicology of nanopolystyrene and PAH's.

I am currently an undergraduate student at MIT intending to major in Chemical Engineering. After seeing a connection from my previous research in PAH's, I decided to join the Green Laser Lab group in their exploration of PAH formation from radical combustion processes. In my free time, I like to draw, play games, and play music on my violin.