Paul Abel - was an undergraduate researcher in the Green Group working in the laser lab. He subsequently earned his PhD at the University of Texas and is now working at NovaCentrix.

Andrew Adamczyk - worked as a postdoc in the Green Group co-advised by Profs. Paul Barton and Youssef Marzouk from 2011-2012. He now works for Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. in Allentown, PA, and is now a professor at Auburn University.

Ashish Agarwal - was a researcher in Green Group before moving on to do his PhD at Carnegie Mellon University. He is a founder of Solvuu, a software company for genomics.

Preeti Aghalayam - Born and raised in India, Preeti went to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, India, for a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering before heading off to Rochester, NY for her Masters in Chemical Engineering. She received her PhD. from UMass Amherst before joining the Green Group as a post-doctoral student. Preeti then became a Professor of Chemical Engineering at IIT in Mumbai, India. She is now a professor at IIT Madras.

Jorge Aguilera Iparraguirre - Jorge was a postdoc in the Green Group for 3 years ending in 2013. He grew up in Zaragoza, and earned his PhD at Karlsruhe under Prof. Wim Klopper, working on explicitly-correlated methodologies (R12, F12). Jorge did a post-doc at Harvard University, and is now Director of Software & Data Engineering at Kyulux.

Phillip Ai - Former undergraduate student who worked on graphical user interfaces for PrognoChem and RMG.

Khalid al-Ali - is a professor from MASDAR who visited Green group and worked with Ryan Gillis on H2S conversion schemes. He is now back in the UAE.

Ionut John Alecu - Romanian by birth, John Alecu grew up in Texas, and did his PhD at the Univ. of North Texas with Paul Marshall. John received a Combustion Energy Research Fellowship to work with Don Truhlar (U. Minn.) and Prof. Green on computing reaction rate coefficients. He is now Chief Resident in the Department of Radication Oncology at the Long School of Medicine in San Antonio.

Joshua Allen - did his PhD in the Green Group graduating in 2013. He was the first developer of RMG-Py, with Richard West, and developed the pressure dependence module in RMG. He now works for ExxonMobil in New Jersey.

Bharthwaj Anantharaman - Received his undergraduate degree from IIT in India. While doing his PhD at MIT, Bharthwaj was co-advised by both Prof. Green and Prof. McRae. He now works for Baker Hughes.

John Angelos - successfully defended his ChemE PhD thesis on August 31, 2007, for the research portion of his degree. Directly afterward he took on additional coursework in business and management for a dual degree, which he received in June, 2009. John works for ExxonMobil in Texas. He is a financial analyst in the Affiliate Finance group, which is part of the Treasurer’s organization within ExxonMobil.

Robert W. Ashcraft - Rob worked for Exponent for a few years then did postdoctoral research at the University of Ghent in Belgium. Rob recently returned to Cambridge, MA, where he keeps tabs on research opportunities for Samsung.

Andrea Aude - Former undergraduate student who worked on developing a model that can identify inhibitors of known enzymes.

Ayten Ates - is on the faculty at Cumhuriyet University. She was a sabbatical visitor at MIT during the 2011-2012 academic year.

Dr. Gregory Beran - Greg was a Postdoctoral Associate in the Green Group from 2005 - 2007. Greg is now on the Chemistry faculty at the University of California, Riverside.

Marc Bernat i Rolla - Was a visiting student at MIT completing his masters degree from Institut Quimic De Sarria in Barcelona. While at MIT, he modeled HCCI engines. He now works for Kao Chemicals.

Binita Bhattacharjee - did her PhD at MIT co-advised by Prof. Green and Prof. Barton. After MIT, she started her career at BP and then worked for the biofuels company Amyris. She lived and worked in China for several years, but is now back in the Bay Area working for Amyris.

D. Wayne Blaylock - Wayne grew up in Tennessee, did his undergrad degree at Tennessee Tech, worked at Oak Ridge National Lab, and then came to MIT to do his PhD. He did a joint project with NTNU, Norway’s technical university in Trondheim, developing models (and doing some experiments) on steam-methane reforming to make H2 over nickel and doped-nickel catalysts. He now works for Dow Chemical.

Charles Boatin - Was from Ghana and was an undergraduate researcher in the Green Group. He worked for several years at Applied Materials, then earned his MBA at Harvard University. He now works for Adenia Partners. 

John Brown - Former undergraduate student who worked on graphical user interfaces for the RMG website.

Beat Buesser - Beat Buesser was a postdoctoral fellow and associate in the Green Group from 2012 to 2014. He had received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF). He was working on introducing nitrogen chemistry to RMG and studying the calculation of thermochemistry using quantum chemistry, focussing on explicitly correlated methodologies (F12). He has joined IBM Research as a Research Staff Member at the Smarter Cities Technology Center at the IBM Research Laboratory in Dublin, Ireland. (LinkedIn)

Zachary Buras - Zach was a graduate student in the Green group who made many experimental kinetic measurements as well as contributions to the modeling of aromatics and carbonyl oxides. After a postdoc at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, he joined the technical staff at Intel in Silicon Valley. 

Adam Carr - Adam was a postdoc working on Supercritical Water experiments in the Green Group. He worked at Aerodyne Research for some time before returning to his home, Australia, at the end of 2015, where he works for Seven Miles Coffee Roasters.

Hans-Heinrich Carstensen - Originally from Germany, is a former post-doc. He was a research Professor at Colorado School of Mines, and now works at the University of Ghent for several years, and now works at the University of Zaragoza.

Karl Chatelain - was a visiting student from France, who worked on computing liquid phase autoxidations using RMG. He is now working at KAUST in Saudi Arabia.

Jose Luis Chesa - was a visiting student completing his masters degree from Institut Quimic De Sarria in Barcelona who worked on HCCI simulations. He now works for Nippon Gases in Madrid.

Te-Chun (Jim) Chu - finished his undergraduate degree in National Taiwan University, and received his Ph.D. degree from the Green group in 2020. Now Jim works in Lummus Technology in Texas.

Yunsie Chung - Was a graduate student in the Green Group, now working at Merck.

Caleb Class - completed a PhD in the Green Group focusing on modeling of Sulfur and working on supercritical water desulfurization of crude oil with Saudi Aramco. He is married to Green Group alumna Dr. Yuko Kida. He did a postdoc at the MD Anderson Research Center in Houston, and now is on the faculty of Butler University (Pharmaceutical Science).

Connor Coley - Connor did his Ph.D. jointly supervised by Klavs Jensen and William Green, defending his thesis in Spring 2019. He then moved to a postdoctoral position at the Broad Institute, and will join the MIT faculty in Fall 2020.

Anthony Concepcion - a former undergraduate researcher in the Green Group working on supercritical water desulfurization. He graduated from MIT in June 2015. He is currently a process engineer at Valero Energy.

Andrew Cooksy - from San Diego State University, did laser experiments and hindered rotor calculations during his sabbatical at MIT.

David J. Couling- David did his undergraduate degree at Notre Dame and his PhD at MIT on cleaning up the syngas stream in IGCC coal plants. After graduating he worked for several years at Dow Chemical in Midland, MI. He now works for Corteva in Indianapolis.

Enoch Dames – did his PhD with Hai Wang at USC, and then did postdoctoral work at Stanford before joining the Green group. At MIT he did several different projects including modeling propane/DME fuel mixtures and experimentally measuring the conversion of natural gas to syngas in an engine reformer. He moved to the Bay Area, and works for Monolith Materials.

Brian D'Andrade - From Trinidad, Brian finished his junior year at Penn State when he worked with us in the summer of 1998. Unlike the rest of the group, Brian is an EE, and his research was sponsored by the Materials Processing Center. Brian worked on the development of more accurate density functionals. Brian is now Senior Managing Engineer at Exponent, Inc.

Ujjal Das - did his PhD with Krishnan Raghavachari at Indiana University. As a postdoc at MIT he did quantum calculations on the thermochemistry of alloys and surface adsorbed species relevant to capture of CO2 and Hg emissions. He worked at an industrial lab in India and then at Argonne National Laboratory. He now works for Johnson Matthey near Philadelphia.

Jaimee Lee Dong - earned her M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering measuring partition coefficients relevant to ultra-low-sulfur fuel production, and received her PhD. in Industrial Ecology at Yale. She is now working at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Gerhard Ehlker - Was a visiting graduate student in the Green Group from Aachen, Germany. For several years he was a consultant, then a director for Siemens. He now lives in Munich, where he is a principal of Conadeo.

Rehab Elsamra - worked in the Green Group laser lab on a Fulbright fellowship. She is now on the faculty of the University of Alexandria, Egypt. 

Natalie Eyke - Was a graduate student in the Green Group, now working at Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Brook Eyob - Brook grew up in Addis Ababa. He did a UROP in Green Group while he was a student at MIT, working with Te-Chun “Jim” Chu to measure the reaction of phenyl radical with ethene. He now works for ExxonMobil.

Michael Forsuelo - Was a graduate student in the Green Group

Connie Gao - finished a PhD in the Green Group working as the lead developer of the python version of RMG.  She now works at the Boston Consulting Group.

Ryan Gillis - grew up in Texas, did his undergraduate work in Utah, and earned his PhD in Green group in 2020. He invented a process for converting H2S into low-carbon H2, and is now the President of Thiozen, a start-up company commercializing this new process.

Mark Goldman - grew up in Texas and did his Ph.D. at MIT co-supervised by William Green and Jesse Kroll. Mark worked on plastics recycling for ExxonMobil for a few years, and he now works for the EPA.

C. Franklin Goldsmith - Franklin grew up in North Carolina and earned undergrad degrees at both UNC and NC State. At MIT he worked primarily on rate calculations, but also did some kinetic modeling and designed a new experimental apparatus. He also did an internship at Argonne National Lab. After completing his PhD, Franklin became a von Humboldt Fellow and worked at the Fritz Haber Institute. Franklin is now an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Brown University.

Colin Grambow - During his PhD work, Colin Grambow developed methods to automatically compute transition states and machine learning techniques calibrated by quantum chemistry to estimate thermochemistry and reaction barriers. He now works for 3M in Minnesota.

Ionela Grigoras - grew up in Romania, was a visiting student from Aalborg University in 2016, working on supercritical water upgrading of biomass and mixtures of biomass with petroleum residuals. She now works for Siemens Gamesa in Denmark.

Alon Grinberg Dana - did his PhD in Israel, and he was a postdoc in Green group 2015-2020. He added Nitrogen chemistry to RMG, and initiated the T3 and Database projects. He is now on the faculty at the Technion in Israel.

Yanfei Guan - was a postdoc in Green group working on using quantum descriptors to improve machine learning for synthesis planning. He is now working at Pfizer in Connecticut.

Devika Gupta - Born in India and raised in New Jersey, Devika worked as an undergraduate researcher in the Green Group for several years before graduating with a BS in Chemical Engineering in Spring 2000. She set up amine oxidation experiments and worked out the complexities of the necessary chemical analysis. Devika was also the Associate Advisor for Prof. Green's 10.200 seminar in Fall 98. Devika started working at Applied Materials in 2000. After earning her MBA, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry. She is now Director of Global Market Access for Pfizer.

Soumya Gudiyella - Soumya was a postdoc in the Green group specializing in hydrodesulfurization experiments. She now works at Fiat Chrysler near Detroit.

Kehang Han - Dr. Han worked for several years as the lead developer of RMG-Py while also exploring data science applications to diverse chemical problems. He now works for Google AI.

Michael Harper - Michael grew up in southern California and did his undergrad work at UC Berkeley. As a PhD student at MIT, Michael was a major developer of RMG and an important leader in the Combustion Energy Frontier Research Center. He used RMG to build models for the butanol isomers. He next worked for ExxonMobil in New Jersey on modeling & data science. Michael left ExxonMobil in 2021 to pursue his interest in sports data analytics.

Ryan Hawtof - Worked on several projects, including modeling of coke formation and measurements of polymer fouling rates using a sensitive microbalance. He graduated from MIT in early 2024 and has taken a job in Indian Head, MD.

Esther Heid - Esther did her PhD in Vienna before joining the Green group as a postdoc. She worked on numerous machine learning models including for computational retrosynthesis for enzymatic reactions, template prioritization in template-based retrosynthesis, and reaction representation learning with graph neural networks. She has returned to Austria and will soon begin her faculty position at TU Wien.

Kaylee Hill - Former undergraduate student who worked on machine learning representations of chirality.

Peter Hlavaty - Peter came to MIT by way of Slovakia, Wales, Woods Hole and Lafayette College, and graduated with his MSCEP in June 1999. He did experimental work and and some modeling of amine oxidation in the Green Group in 1998. He now works on Wall Street.

I-Yun Lisa Hsieh - I-Yun Lisa Hsieh did technoeconomic modeling related to the evolution of the car market and the price of electric vehicles for her PhD, and contributed significantly to MIT’s Mobility of the Future study. She is now on the faculty at National Taiwan University.

Huzeifa Ismail successfully defended his thesis and is now residing in Houston, Texas, with his wife, Hani, and their daughter, Sakina. He has worked for Baker Hughes and Maxoil. He now works for Murphy Oil. He is the Founder of Chirality Research.

Amrit Jalan - Former graduate student working on solvation in RMG and the korcek reaction. He then worked at Exxon Mobil in New Jersey, and is now pursuing an MBA at Harvard Business School.

Adeel Jamal - Former Post-Doctoral Associate who specialized in hydrocarbon kinetics. He currently works at Florida International University.

Agnes Jocher - From Bavaria, Agnes did her PhD in Aachen and in France before coming to MIT for a postdoc. At MIT, she worked on generating chemical kinetic mechanisms including PAH chemistry and testing their influence on soot production, and on parallelizing RMG. She worked for the German agency responsible for environmental regulation of civil aviation, and then joined the faculty of the Technical University of Munich in July 2020.

Matt Johnson - Was a graduate student in the Green Group, now a postdoc at Sandia National Laboratories.

Rob Jones - developed long-haul truck models to evaluate different powertrain and fuel options aimed at decarbonization. Rob also earned his MBA at MIT Sloan as part of the PhDCEP program.

Perman Jorayev - Perman, who is originally from Turkmenistan, was a visiting student to MIT when he was an undergraduate. He is now pursuing his Ph.D. at Cambridge, England.

Murat Keceli - A former postdoc now working at Argonne National Laboratory.

Sarah Khanniche - was a postdoc in Green group focusing on biofuels/predicting fuel combustion in order to improve kinetic models. She has returned to her native France.

Yuko Kida - Former graduate student working on supercritical water desulfurization of crude oil. She then worked at Dow Chemical in Freeport, TX, and is currently working at Corteva in Indiana. She is married to Green group alumnus Caleb Class.

Young Seok Kim - worked as a postdoc in the Green Group in 2010-2011 constructing a flash photolysis time-of-flight MS system with Josh Middaugh. He worked for several years for Dow Chemical in Marlborough, MA, and now works for Apple in Silicon Valley.

Moritz Koellner - worked as a visiting graduate student in the Green Group in 2021-2021 on the techno-economic assessment of alternative powertrains for long-haul trucks. He now works for BMW in Berlin.

Wendi Kong - Wendi was a UROP in Green group, working with Yury Suleymanov on RPMD methods for computing reaction rates. She now works for Blue Origin.

Lawrence Lai - grew up in Hong Kong, was educated in the Midwest, and did his Ph.D. under Prof. Green's supervision, defending his thesis on the pyrolysis of alkylaromatics in 2019. He now works for Indigo Ag.

Tom Lada - From Toledo, Ohio, Tom was an undergraduate researcher in the lab who worked with David Matheu on methods for computing pressure-dependent reaction rates. After completing his bachelor's degree, Tom stayed on at MIT for his M.S. in Chemical Engineering Practice. He is now Director of Fullerene Operations at Nano-C.

Panayiotis Lemonidis - Earned his PhD CEP co-supervised by Prof. Barton and Prof. Green. He stayed on at MIT to earn his MBA as well. He now works on Wall Street.

Juanqin Li – is on the faculty of Sichuan University. She visited MIT on her sabbatical in 2014-2015, and did quantum chemistry calculations on reactions occurring on the C7H7 surface related to the pyrolysis intermediate fulvenallene.

Qianqian Li -  was a visiting student in the Green Group and has returned to China.

Yi-Pei Li - Yi-Pei worked as a post-doc in the Green group from 2016-2019 before starting as an Assistant Professor at National Taiwan University.

Yonghong Li - Professor Li is an expert in phase behavior and has returned to her university in China after visiting the Green Group.

Guozhu Liu – is on the faculty of Tianjin University. He visited MIT on his sabbatical in 2014-2015, and did experimental work using the laser/MS system, focusing on reactions of unsaturated radicals.

Mengjie "Max" Liu – was born in China, grew up in Georgia, and did his Ph.D. at MIT supervised by Prof. Green, defending in Dec. 2019. He was the lead developer of the RMG open-source software project and led the development of RMG 3.0. He is now a Research Engineer at MIT, working on machine learning software for pharmaceuticals.

Zan Liu - Former graduate student working on CO2 sequestration, Zan now works for Lummus.

Alan E. Long - Alan E. Long earned his PhDCEP in Green group, doing research on flame extinction strain rate. He now works for Boston Consulting Group in Texas.

Pisi Lu - Pisi was a visiting graduate student from the University of Lisbon. He continued on in the group as a postdoctoral associate working on Adaptive Chemistry Reacting Flow Simulations. He led a research and design group at RMT Alliance in Madison, Wisconsin, which he took private as SmartBurn.

Phalgun Lolur - was a postdoc in the Green Group from 2017-2019 working on problems that involve solvation. He is now a postdoc at Chalmers University in Sweden.

Dennis Lun - Dennis hails from Hong Kong and Toronto and had finished his junior year at the University of Michigan when he worked with us in the summer of 1998. Dennis did a mix of computational thermochemistry and experiments on amine oxidation kinetics. He later earned an MBA and is now an Associate Director of AIA in Hong Kong.

Gregory Magoon - Greg got his undergraduate degree at the University of Connecticut and earned his PhD at MIT in Green group studying JP-10 chemistry in 2012. He worked for several years at Aerodyne Research, and became Director of Bioinformatics of ANDE in 2020.

Mickael Matrat was a visiting student from France, using the laser/mass-spec apparatus to measure reactions of vinyl radical. He is now working for IFP in France.

Ugo Martin - came to MIT as a visiting graduate student, working on engine combustion. Dr. Martin now lives in his native Italy.

David Matheu - David was Prof. Green’s first Ph.D. student - he developed the algorithm for automatically constructing chemically-activated reaction networks. After MIT, David received an NRC postdoctoral fellowship to work at NIST, and his paper received the ACS Glenn Award in Fuel Chemistry in 2004. Now he works for Cabot Corp., based in Billerica, MA.

Oleg Mazyar - Born in the Ukraine and educated in Moscow and North Carolina, Oleg was a postdoc in the Green Group from 1999 to 2001. He then worked with Prof. Trout at MIT. His career has included research positions at Wayne State, Texas Tech, and Vanderbilt University. He is now working for Baker Hughes in Texas.

Federico M. San Martini - From Italy and Germany via Brown U. and Cambridge U., Federico did experimental work on amine oxidation in the summer of 1998, before beginning graduate school at MIT in Fall 1998. After earning his PhD with Prof. Greg McRae, Federico did postdoctoral research with Mario Molina. He is now on the staff of the National Academies/National Research Council.

Shamel Merchant - obtained his PhD in the Green Group working on butanol and low temperature oxidation chemistry. He has worked for several years at ExxonMobil’s Corporate Research laboratory, before joining Boston Consulting Group.

Josh Middaugh - Former graduate student working in the laser lab. He now works at Air Products.

Geoff Moeser - Geoff did his PhD co-supervised by Prof. Green and Prof. Hatton. He now works for the Cabot Corporation.

Mahsa Nami - Mahsa received her masters degree while working the Green group. She now works for McKinsey and Company.

Teppei Ogura - Teppei was a postdoctoral associate with the Green Group from July 2007 until March 2009. Her returned to Japan to accept a position at Kyushu University. He is now on the faculty of Kwansei Gakuin University.

Oluwayemisi Oluwole - Luwi grew up in Nigeria and did his undergraduate work at Michigan State. Luwi received his PhD from MIT within the Green Group. He worked at Aerodyne, Corp. and then ANSYS. He now works for FMC in the Boston suburbs.

Geoffrey Oxberry - did his PhD co-supervised by Prof. Green and Prof. Barton and works at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Lagnajit Pattanaik - Was a graduate student in the Green Group, now working at D.E. Shaw Research (DESRES).

Mark Payne - Was a graduate student in the Green Group, now working as a scientific software developer at PostEra.

Pushkaraj Padwardhan - Raj earned his PhD at Iowa State working on biomass pyrolysis, and did postdoctoral work at MIT on desulfurization. He now works at BASF in New Jersey researching catalytic converters.

Soyoung Peraud - came to MIT from Korean via Stanford and was a postdoc in the Green Group from 2015-2016. She now works for Microsoft in Seattle. 

Sally Petway - Completed her Masters degree and is now an actuary working in Georgia.

Jose Antonio Perez Pimienta - was a visiting scientist during the summer of 2008 working with the Green Group on cleaning up gas streams, removing mercury from syngas, and oxidizing hydrocarbons in diesel engine exhaust, through a combination of experiments and computer models. His stay with us was paid for by a grant from the Autonomous University of Nayarit in Mexico where Prof. Pimienta is on the faculty.

Gianmaria Pio - was a visiting scientist in the Green Group from 2019-202 working on combustion mechanisms for biofuels using RMG. He is now a research fellow at Alma Mater Studiorum in Italy.

Isabel Plana - A former undergraduate researcher in the Green Group who worked in the laser lab. She founded Nia Pet Health in 2020.

Kshitij Prakash - received his Masters degree through the Center for Computation and Design Optimization having worked with the Green Group. He is now working as research analyst at Quantitative Research in CT.

Matthew Prendergast - Matthew was a postdoc in Green group 2019-2021. He has now returned to his native Australia.

Marcel Puignou - Marcel was a visiting masters student from IQS in Spain who worked with John Angelos to model HCCI engines. He is now Managing Partner of Holistic Data Solutions.

Sumathy Raman (aka R. Sumathi) was a postdoc in the Green Group for several years around the turn of the century, and played a key role in developing the rate and thermo estimation databases used in RMG. After a stint on the faculty of a small college in Alabama, she took a Principal Investigator position at ExxonMobil’s Corporate Research Laboratory in Clinton, NJ.

Josephine Ramirez - Former undergraduate student who developed predictive models for solid solubility and solvation properties in binary solvent mixtures.

Duminda Ranasinghe was a postdoc in the Green Group from 2018 - 2020 working on the automation of quantum mechanics calculations to obtain thermochemical parameters to improve kinetic modeling. He is now working at Montai Health, a biotech start-up in Cambridge MA.

Andrew Rosen – did research in the Green group while he was an undergraduate at Tufts University and then a graduate student in Nuclear Engineering at MIT. His research was focused on understanding the chemistry of fuel blends, in particular propane + DME. He earned a Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Northwestern in 2021 and is now a Miller Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley.

Gabriele Scalia - Gabriele was a visiting student from the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. He was then a visiting student at the Broad Institute and now works for Roche.

Matthias Schnellmann - Matthias was a visiting student from Selwyn College in the UK. 

Douglas Schwer - Received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Penn State. Doug worked as a Postdoctoral Associate under William Green and Paul Barton. He is now on the research staff of the Naval Research Laboratory.

Seyed-Abdulreza Seyed-Reihani - did his PhD in Mechanical Engineering with Greg Jackson at the University of Maryland. As a postdoc in the Green group he worked on several projects, including modeling exhaust catalysts. He worked for Numerica and ran a small consulting company, before joining the University of Illinois as a Research Scientist.

Sandeep Sharma - earned his PhD in the Green group in 2009. He did postdoctoral work with Garnet Chan, and then worked as a Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart. He is now on the faculty at University of Colorado.

Manish Shetty - Dr. Shetty was co-advised by Prof. Green and Prof. Roman specializing in heterogeneous catalysis. He did postdoctoral work at PNNL and now is a postdoc at the University of Minnesota.

Yu Shi - Shi did his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin working with Rolf Reitz. He was a postdoc in Green Group, working primarily on using GPUs to speed reacting flow simulations. He now works for Phillips 66 in Oklahoma.

Michael Singer - Dr. Singer received his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Cornell University. As a Postdoctoral Associate in the Green Group, he worked on model reduction for reacting flows and on developing a simulator for HCCI engines. He worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and then did R&D at Heart Flow, Inc. in California. He is the founder of Landrew Enterprises and Stenomics, Inc.

Simcha Singer - Former postdoc in the Green Group working on smoldering combustion, Simcha is now on the faculty at Marquette University.

Kelvin Smith - Former undergraduate student who worked on kinetic mechanisms for combustion

Mica Smith - did her Ph.D. at Berkeley and in Taiwan, and a postdoc in the Green Group measuring radical addition reactions to acetylene, before returning to California in early 2020. She is now working at Rancho Biosciences in San Diego.

Jing Song - Dr. Song received her PhD from MIT in 2004 and continued to work as a Postdoctoral Associate with the Green Group until the fall of 2005. She was co-supervised by Prof. Green and Prof. George Stephanopoulos. She wrote the original version of RMG, in Java.

Ray Speth - Dr. Speth did his PhD with Ahmed Ghoniem, and was a postoc in the Green Group until 2014, where he studied the consequences of changing the octane ratings system in the USA and also invented an operator splitting method for reacting flow simulations. He now holds a staff position in the MIT Aero/Astro Department, and occasionally collaborates with the Green group. He was the original developer of the EMBER software, and is currently the lead developer of the CANTERA open-source software project.

Kevin Spiekermann - Was a graduate student in the Green Group, and is now working at Merck in Cambridge, MA.

Yee San Su - Dr. Su got his undergraduate degree at Stanford and did his PhD at MIT co-supervised by Prof. Jackie Ying and Prof. Green. He worked for Exponents then was a fellow working for the federal government. He now lives in Northern Virginia and works for the think tank CNA.

Yury Suleymanov - Did a fellowship at Oxford with David Manolopoulos, and then was a postdoc in the Green Group who developed on RPMDrate (with Joshua Allen) and PrognoChem. He is now a faculty member at the Cyprus Institute as well as Associate Editor of Science.

Zipei Tan - Former undergraduate student who worked on 3D machine learning models to predict relative free energies in different solvents.

Hiroumi Tani - visited the Green Group in 2017-2018 from JAXA, the Japanese Space Agency, working on, amongst other things, hydrazine decomposition chemistry. Dr. Tani now works for SpaceX.

James Taylor - Dr. Taylor did his PhD at MIT studying C6H7 + O2. He was a postdoc at Washington University in St. Louis. James was a graduate of NC State. He now works for Monsanto in St. Louis.

Mike Timko - Mike earned his PhD at MIT working with Jeff Tester and did a postdoc at Harvard with Dudley Herschbach. He then worked for several years at Aerodyne Research. While at Aerodyne, he worked part-time in Green group, leading a project on supercritical water desulfurization of heavy oils. During that time he also invented an oxidative desulfurization process for jet fuels that won the ACS Glenn Award. Mike is now on the faculty of WPI.

Awele Uwagwu - After working with the Green group, Awele worked with the PV lab to conduct research around financial viability of solar in Nigeria. He is currently a Legatum fellow working on a venture to improve the adoption of solar energy in Nigeria and will work as a consultant at Bain after graduating from MIT.

Aaron Vandeputte- visited MIT as an graduate visiting student and as a postdoc with the CEFRC. He worked on sulfur chemistry within RMG, JP-10, and aromatics formation pathways. He now works for SABIC in the Netherlands.

Nick Vandewiele- visited MIT while a PhD student at the University of Ghent and then returned to the Green Group as a postdoc. He later worked for AspenTech, and now works for a start-up company in Montreal.

AJ Vasiliou - did a postdoc in the Green Group and is now on the Chemistry faculty at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Florence Vermeire - Florence was a postdoc in Green group 2019-2021. She developed excellent machine learning models for solvation and solubility and also worked on detailed kinetic modeling of pyrolysis of a complicated mixture. She has now returned to Belgium and is Assistant Professor at KU Leuven.

Katsuhiro Wakamatsu - Was a postdoc in the Green Group, and is now working at Kwansei Gakuin Unviersity in Japan.

Pierre Walker - was a visiting undergraduate student from Imperial College, who worked with Yunsie Chung on computing solvation. He is now pursuing his PhD at Caltech.

Yuran Wang - did her Ph.D. with Prof. Roman and a postdoc with Prof. Green. She now lives in Canada where she studies Buddhism.

Dr. John Z. Wen - Dr. Wen did his PhD in Canada and was a postdoc in the Green Group. He is now a professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Dr. Richard West - West was an exchange student from Cambridge University in UK, where he earned his PhD, before becoming a postdoc of the Green Group. He worked on some very complicated systems, including formation of TiO2 particles in flames, and formation of deposits in diesel fuel injectors, and was a leader in the development of RMG, especially the Python version. He is now on the faculty of Northeastern University.

Markus Wolf - Is a former Postdoctoral Associate who earned his doctorate from the University of Heidelberg. He now works for Alstom Power.

Caterina Wijaya - Dr. Wijaya came to MIT from Indonesia with a stop in Toyko for her undergraduate degree. While at MIT, Caterina obtained both her PhD in chemical engineering and her MBA from the Sloan School. Dr. Wijaya was part of the first class to be eligible to obtain the joint degree, and finished the second year at the Sloan school to receive a full MBA. While at MIT Dr. Wijaya expanded her very busy and demanding schedule by adding a new member to her family, Queena, a little girl was born at the end of her first year as a PhD candidate. After working on Wall Street, Dr. Wijaya is now a manager for General Motors in Michigan.

Andy Wong - Andy was a visiting undergraduate from Cambridge University and upon completing his undergraduate studies returned to MIT in the fall of 2004 as part of the master's exchange program. In the Green Group he worked on RMG software tools.

Hsi-Wu Wong - Dr. Wong joined the group as a Postdoctoral Associate in 2003 from Northwestern University. He received his undergraduate degree from the National Taiwan University. Dr. Wong worked for several years at for Aerodyne Corp. in Billerica, and is now on the faculty at UMass Lowell.

Dr. Mark Mba Wright - Mark did a postdoc at MIT co-supervised by Prof. Green and Prof. Roman. He is now a professor at Iowa State University and focuses on biofuels.

Jeehyun Yang - Jeehyun performed combined experimental and computation studies to study bottom-up PAH formation in the Green group. After earning his PhD, he went to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a postdoc. LinkedIn

Nathan Yee - Dr. Yee was a graduate student in the Green group who specialized in the thermochemical and kinetics databases of RMG-Py. He now works for Exxon Mobil in Houston.

Paul Yelvington - Dr. Yelvington came to MIT from NC State. He worked for several years at Aerodyne and at Mainstream Engineering and next worked for the AIChE RAPID program. In 2021, Paul co-founded Obantarla, where he is Chief Science Officer.

Joanna Yu - Dr. Yu received a joint degree, PhD/CEP from the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Sloan School. She was the second class to enter this program. Joanna received her undergraduate degree in Brazil and is now working for BASF in Germany.

Everton Zanoelo - is a professor from Brazil who spent his sabbatical 2011-2012 in the Green Group.

Peng Zhang - was a visiting student from Tsinghua University in Beijing. He worked with Nathan Yee to build a kinetic model explaining how substituted phenol additives affect the octane number of gasoline. He now works for China Securities, an investment bank.