Prof. Paul Barton, MIT ChemE: Kinetic Model Reduction & Numerics
Prof. Leslie Bromberg, MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center, Engine as Reactor
Prof. Wai Cheng, MIT Mech Eng: HCCI Engines
Prof. A.M. Dean, Colorado School Mines: Pressure-Dependent Rates
Prof. Robert W. Field,
 MIT Chemistry: Spectroscopy & Kinetics of Free Radicals
Randall Field, MIT Energy Initiative: ASPEN flowsheets
Prof. Kevin Van Geem, University of Ghent: Pyrolysis
Prof. T. Alan Hatton, MIT ChemE: Ferro Fluid Separations
Prof. Klavs Jensen, MIT Chem. Eng. Predicting Organic Reactions
Prof. Ralf Kaiser, University of Hawaii
Dr. Stephen Klippenstein, Argonne National Laboratory: Rate calculations
Prof. Jesse Kroll, MIT Civil & Environmental Eng., Atmospheric & Peroxy Chemistry
Dr. Markus Kraft, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge: Particle formation
Prof. Guy Marin, University of Ghent
Prof. Youssef Marzouk, MIT, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Modeling with incomplete feed characterization
Prof. Alex Mebel, Florida International University
Prof. Shuhei Ono, MIT Earth Atmosphic & Planetary Sciences, Organic Geochemistry, Isotope Chemistry
Dr. William Pitz, LLNL, Kinetic Modeling
Dr. Henning Richter, MIT ChemE, and Nano-C, Inc.
Prof. Yuriy Roman, MIT, Department of Chemical Engineering: Upgrading bio-oil
Prof. Yury Suleimanov, The Cyprus Institute Reaction Discovery
Dr. Craig Taatjes, Combustion Research Facility, Sandia National Laboratory: Pre-ignition chemistry
Prof. Jeff Tester, Cornell, Department of Chemical Engineering
Prof. Mike Timko, Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Desulfurization
Prof. Richard West, Northeastern University, Department of Chemical Engineering
Dr. Victor Wong, Principal Research Scientist, LFEE, Sloan Automotive Laboratory
Dr. Judit Zador, Sandia National Lab, Reaction Discovery