November 2019, Prof. Green wins the R.H. Wilhelm Award for Chemical Kinetics.

June 2018, The Green Group after a sailing excursion.

May 2018, The Green Group after a group meeting.

December 2017, The Green Group goes candlepin bowling.

January 2017, The Green Group after BodaBorg.

October 2016, The Green Group at a Celtics Game.

August 2016, The Green Group before a Sunset Cruise on the Charles River

July 2016, The Green Group hikes the Middlesex Fells.

September 2014, The Green Group goes apple picking.

August 2013, in the courtyard between the Koch and Building 66.

December 2011, wearing Christmas ties.

December 2011, on the stairs in Building 66.

July 2011, at the reception for the 7th International Conference on Chemical Kinetics held at MIT.