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Dr. Hiroumi Tani

Tao Wang

Peng Zhang

Prof. Khalid Al-Ali
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Masdar City, United Arab Emirates

Ionela Grigoras

Dr. Juanqin Li
Dr. Juanqin Li completed her Ph.D in the College of Chemical Engineering at Sichuan University in 2008, majoring in Physical Chemistry. She continued at Sichuan University as a lecturer post graduation. Juanqin mostly worked on intramolecular photoinduced electron transfer of organic systems and nonequilibrium solvation theory during her combined Masters-PhD program. In late 2010, she began to work on reaction mechanisms for hydrocarbon fuels, focusing on combustion and pyrolysis.

Dr. Guozhu Liu
Dr. Guozhu Liu, Associate Professor, completed his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering at Tianjin University in 2006. After two years of postdoctoral work, he worked as an associate professor in the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology of Tianjin University in 2008 and was appointed vice director of the Key Lab for Advanced Fuel in the Ministry of Education in 2013. He has published more than 60 papers in academic journals such as Fuel, Energy & Fuels, AIChE J, Chem Eng Sci, Ind Eng Chem Res, and has been awarded five Chinese patents. 

Mr. Mitsutoshi Nakatani, Chief Researcher, Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Company, Japan
Dr. Rehab Elsamra, Fulbright Scholar, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Egypt
Ms. Miasser Al-Ghamdi, Research Engineer, SABIC Corporate Research and Innovation Center, Saudi Arabia