Charles McGill

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Postdoctoral Associate



Charles McGill (Chas)  grew up in Greenville, South Carolina. In 2011 he received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. During his undergraduate studies, he did research with Dr. Scott Husson functionalizing nanoparticles for testing membrane performance. Following graduation, he took a role as a development engineer at the Corning, Incorporate fiber-optics manufacturing facility in Wilmington, North Carolina. He worked on a team developing manufacturing processes for specialty fiber products.

In 2014, Chas enrolled in the graduate program in chemical engineering at North Carolina State University. He studied under Dr. Phil Westmoreland, researching elementary mechanisms using computational quantum chemistry. He developed mechanisms involved in the pyrolysis of monosaccharides and in homogeneous catalysis systems. In 2019, he completed his Ph.D. and began work as a postdoctoral associate in Dr. William Green’s group at MIT. His research in the group is focused on machine-learning approaches to chemical-property estimation.

In his free time, Chas enjoys cooking, video games, and college football.