Lawrence Lai

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Graduate Student



Born in Australia due to plans of a family migration, but grown up in Hong Kong due to the same plans being foiled, I spent the first fifteen years of my life in the capitalistic city of Hong Kong. Detouring from the common path of business in my hometown, I started my career as a Chemical Engineer in Vincennes University Indiana, hoping to one day reinforce the importance of science and engineering to my home.

Following my Associate’s degree in Vincennes University, I transferred to the Universsity of Michigan from 2010 to 2012, developing my set of basic skills established in Vincennes. In the University of Michigan, I took part in a Ground Water Uranium Contamination project in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department before proceeding to a project dedicated in microbial engineering for isobutanol tolerance the Chemical Engineering Department. A video about my research in this project can be found here (note: The video is long. Watching past the 1.5 minute mark is not advised unless the reader finds a deep interest in my research).

Research in the University of Michigan has opened me to the path of Graduate School. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Science and Engineering, I proceeded to MIT’s PhD program in 2013, hoping not to only bring good science to my home, but to bring the best of it. Here in the Green Group, My current research looks into supercritical water upgrading of of crude oil, bearing side tasks as a technician to fix reactors and gas chromatography instrumentation.

I spend time in my leisure as a try hard, but casual gamer in a plethora of games. As much as I love to get past the learning curve of engineering, the same applies to me for gaming.