Moritz Koellner

Technical University of Berlin

Graduate Student



Moritz Koellner joined the Green Group in August 2020 to conduct graduate research on the techno-economic assessment of alternative powertrains for long-haul trucks in the context of the MIT Energy Initiative Mobility Systems Center.

He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering and Management from the Technical University of Berlin in 2017 and conducted his Bachelor thesis on an Experimental Analysis of the Axial Play of Exhaust Gas Turbochargers. During his BS, he did an internship at SIEMENS Mobility in the context of the eHighway project and visited the Georgia Institute of Technology studying Mechanical Engineering.

After his BS, Moritz started two Master programs, studying Automotive Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Management simultaneously. He is expected to graduate from both programs in March 2021. During his MS, he worked on advanced concept development of Plug-In Hybrid powertrains at the automotive service provider IAV GmbH until August 2020. He also engaged in FaSTTUBe designing a formula style racecar.

Moritz has a passion for the advancement of clean future mobility reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming. He is especially interested in novel vehicle technologies and the (behavioral) economics that govern their market diffusion. Alongside mobility, Moritz is also highly engaged in working for better privacy laws and against indiscriminate mass surveillance.

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